Call Center Process


Complaints/ Booking Order/Cancellation/Queries Solving Customer Care 

Inbound Process on 10 Seats £ 7 GBP Per agent per hour 

Monthly ( Advance depend on center ) 

£ 7 GBP * 10 Seats * 24 Hours ( 3 Shift of 8 hour each ) = £ 1680 

£ 1680 GBP* 30 Days = £ 50,400 

£ 50,400 GBP* Rs. 85 INR = Rs. 42,84,000 GBP ( Including Taxes) 

Call center with 10-15 Seats Capacity with 12 Computers with 12 headphones 

Minimum no. of seats - 10 agents for 8 hours shift as per normal Indian working hours 

3 shifts of 10 agents will be working 7 days a week, to handle traffic of the Incoming calls to provide customer support on the behalf of Client. 

Consultancy : Rs 2,00,000


1) 20 Seats spread across 3 shifts (8 hrs each, 3 shifts)
2) $10 per seat per hour per logged in hour.
3) Minimum 15 agents to start process, ramp up in 10 weeks. Training is for 3 days and provided via Skype. Client provides all training material, call recordings, etc. 
4) Center has to provide US Toll Free Number.
5) Center needs robust Predictive Dialer with Inbound ACD
6) Center has to have the following facilities in place to start off process:
a. Conference cum Training Room.
b. Separate Toilets for Gents & Ladies.
c. UPS & Back Up.
d. Separate Fiber Optic Lease line for Dialer only.
e. Hyper Broadband Line for Net Usage.
f. US calling experienced Agents for Pilot Training, need 4-6 months of US Sales.
g. Minimum Rs 5000 worth of VoIP mins per month for calling any customers whose calls drop during order placement. 
7) Consultation charges apply and have to be paid once center is shortlisted for signing SLA with US Client. No PDCs, only RTGS or DD.
Only centers with minimum seating capacity of 30 agents need apply for immediate sign up.
Commercial charge 5lak

Consultants Charges: 50,000+15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess)
We required the mentioned documents:
1. Registration Certificate
2. PAN Card
3. Address Proof
4. Authorized Signatory –ID proof and Photograph
5. Cancelled Cheque


Currently we are looking out for centers to support the Airtel Value Added Services Team & for Customer Support team
Mentioned below are the process details
Process details Process: Airtel Inbound
No of Seats: Required 40+ agents, 100 in show
Support: Customer Support, Value Added Service support, Activation & GPRS
Sign Up: New Delhi
Nature of Job: Inbound Bound handling for Airtel Customer for GPRS, Add value, Activation & Customer Support
Technical Details: Center should have capable IT Support with an inbuilt Server which has the ability to control 100 systems along with the capacity of receiving inbound calls without any traffic
Further technical specifications of the project will be given to the center on the time of Discussion
Experience: Center should have a minimum of 6 months of handling Inbound or Outbound experience in any process
Shift time: 24/7 Payment: Per agent INR 230/- per hour (The payment can be increased based on the center agreed upon at the time of discussion)
Certification: Center must carry DOT certification along with One year’s Income Tax Returns statement
Specifications & SLA: All the Company sign up documents will be handed over to the center once the Clients finish the center premises visit. Official mail will delivered to the center after the visit and Completion of Documentation will proceed thereafter.
Procedure for Airtel process:

1. Sending Company Profile.
2. Signing MOU and Commercials / Consultancy 5lak on MOU time and 10lak after the signup.
3. SLA with Client in Delhi.

Vodafone Outbound Project

Below are the project details concerning the Vodafone Outbound process. Listed as below:

Project Name
Vodafone Outbound
Project Description
Free Postpaid Connections
Seats Required
50+ Minimum 100 seats Maximum
INR 18000 + Incentive / Per Seats / Monthly
Type of Project
Outbound Voice
Single Day shift
Certifications Required
1. Company Profile
2. Network Diagram
3. Technology details including
4. Centers photographs (Floor, Management area, IT/HR/Training Rooms)
5. Memorandum and Articles of Association
6 Director’s profile along with senior Management profile
7. (Preferably in Telecom Vertical)
8. DOT Licenses (Domestic & International). Domestic is required.
9. STPI Registration (Optional)
10. 1 Lakh DD to be paid to Vodafone ( Security Deposit )
Calling Data, Minutes
Provided By Vodafone Telecom
 2 year + Extendable
Training & Support
Provided By Vodafone Telecom
Advance payment
All States
Commercial: 2 L will be paid as consultancy.

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