Chat Support Process

Working Mode: Online Chat
Nature Of work: Answer all the queries of the USA based customer through chats .Center will get an admin portal where they can chat with customer.
PC Required: 10 Seats
Workload: Dependent on center capacity
Contract period: 11 Months
Working Day: 30 Days
Shift: 8 Hour as per USA time Zone
Working Hours: Minimum 8 HRS login daily, center can run 24*7 as well.
Submission: Daily
Pay Out: $8 / hour/Per Agent
Payment: After Invoice within 10 working Days
Payment Cycle: 15 working days
PAY CHANNEL: Chaque or Bank Transfer
Sign up with: End client based at USA and sign will be at vendor’s office in India. If interested, center can get all details about that US based LLC with all details and hardcopy SLA directly from US.
Client Reg. Charges: $ 3000 (Rs. 65/$) (If intersected, can pay US in based bank: Bank of Texas) paid to end client at the time of SLA.
Consultancy Charges: 2, 00,000 + 15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess) paid to Welfare Consultant at the time of MOU.
Note: Running reference centers and billing proofs are available.

Sign up Procedure:
1. Send your Company profile
2. After profile approval do consultancy payment.
3. Then SLA with end client and pay client charges.
4. Training at online or online as center will prefer.
5. Center will go live.
Technical Specifications
Higher Processors: Windows XP at least
Desktop Machine with Operating system
CPU: - Dual core 3 GHz
Ram 2 GB DDR2/3
LCD 16” inch
HDD 160 GB
Power backup
Internet speed: 1MBPS

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