Refund and Adjustment Policy

Welfare Consultants Private Limited is a 5 years old company and having maximum transparency in our services with our centers/workers. Cancellation, Refund and Adjustment Policy mention below: 

1:- If Welfare Consultants unable to provide you required process / unable to process your SLA (Service Level Agreement) due to own reasons (mismatch in process term conditions or providing wrong details) then total paid amount will be refunded with in 7 days of claim. If any non willing issue will be raised form center side due to any reason then Welfare Consultants will not take any responsibility and no any amount will be refunded.

2:- If after making payment form center side and due to delay in formalities, process will be finish or if in case center will not be able to qualify client's / vendors basic criteria then no any refund will be process, center can adjust that paid amount in any next process.

3:- In case of Center technical audit failure or less paper formalities, Welfare Consultants will bot be liable for any refund of adjustment.

4:- In case of natural damage or causality (with-in family) and natural disaster 80 % of paid amount will be refunded.

5:- Unauthorised access or use of given data or software will be punishable offence. Process will be terminated immediately and consultant / vendor reserve right to ask for recovery of loss / damage.

5:- After singing of SLA, if any dispute will occur between center or client/vendor then Welfare Consultants can play his role as conciliator but will not be liable for any kind of refund of adjustments.

Thanks for your time for reading all these points. Happy Business. 

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