Pay Day Loan Process Direct With USA based End Client No Q.C. and No Minimum Target No Termination

Name of Process: Payday Loan Form Filling Process _Online Process

  • Direct sign up with US-based end client, No any Indian Vendor or mediator as well.
  • Payment Proof is available and 100% transparency in the process. 
  • The end client specializes in financial products, specifically US, UK, CA, RU Payday Loans, USA, UK Installment Loans, US Auto Title, US Mortgage and most recently, US Solar.
  • No Q.C. and No Minimum Target 
  • 10 Agents minimum required for this campaign.
  • Filling forms in Client's Website. Do Copy paste, use any Software to fill forms or do anything but just fill forms.
  • Payout: $.4 to $6 per approved /sold lead. Payment Cycle: Twice Monthly.
  • Note No QC, No Accuracy Parameters nothing, so work with no tension and get paid for on time.
  • Consultancy charges: - Rs 2,00,000/- 15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess)  Service tax paid to Welfare Consultants Private Limited. No negotiation. Have to pay to Welfare Consultants at MOU sign up. 
  • Leads/ data center have to buy for the payday loan.
  • Only 10 centers required in INDIA. First, come and first take.
  • Interested center can send their profile at ""
  • Payment 100% transparency proof is as an attachment.

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