Chat Support Process With Fix Payout (Payment Proof)

Chat Support Process (USA Online Garments Company) With Fix Payout

Nature Of work: - Answer all the queries of the US based customer through

Chats .Center will get a admin portal where they can chat with customer.

PC Required: 10 Seats

Workload: Dependent on center capacity

Contract period: 11 Months

Working Day: 30 Days

Shift: 8 Hour as per USA time Zone

Submission: Daily

Payout: $6 / hour/Per Agent

Billing: - 6$ x 8 hours x 10 seat

Example:- If a US dollar Rate is 60.00 (INR) 6$

(360 Inr) x 8Hrs x 10 seats = 28800 Per day

If center runs 26 days in a month then - 28800*26 = 748800/- Approx

Payment: After Invoice within 10 working Days

Payment Cycle: 15 Day

PAY CHANNEL: Cheque or Bank Transfer

Sign up with: - End client based at USA and sign will be at vendor’s office in India or If the Center needed the signup at USA it could be done.

Client Reg. Charges: $ 1200 (72000 INR)

Vendor ship Charges: 150000 + 12.36%
Consultancy charges: 2,00,000INR

Sign up Procedure:

1. Send your Company profile with Document.

2. After giving the amount the sign up.

3. Training

4. Go live.


1) Center sends Application Form with Complete Company Profile & LOI

2) Center submits following legal papers & certifications : Bank Statements

for last 6 months + IT Returns of last 1 year

3) Pictures of Existing Infra.

4) Pan card Snapshot Required.

5) Center has to ensure that all that is mentioned in the company profile

and other legal papers & certification is true and correct.

* Technical Specifications *


Higher Processors: Windows XP

Desktop Machine with Operating system

CPU: - Dual core 3Ghz

Ram 2 GB DDR2/3

LCD 16” inch

HDD 160 GB

1mbps Internet
You Can Get ADVANCE PAYMENT but after 20 days live work.

Pay Day Loan Process Direct With USA based End Client No Q.C. and No Minimum Target No Termination

Name of Process: Payday Loan Form Filling Process _Online Process 

  • Direct sign up with US based end client, No any Indian Vendor or mediator as well.
  • Payment Proof is available and 100% transparency in process. 
  • End client is specialize in financial products, specifically US, UK, CA, RU Payday Loans, US, UK Installment Loans, US Auto Title, US Mortgage and most recently, US Solar.
  • No Q.C. and No Minimum Target 
  • 10 Agents minimum required for this campaign.
  • Filling forms in Client's Website. Do Copy paste, use any Software to fill forms or do anything but just fill forms.
  • Payout: $.4 to $6 per approved /sold lead. Payment Cycle: Twice Monthly.
  • Note: No QC, No Accuracy Parameters nothing, so work with no tension and get paid for on time.
  • Consultancy charges: - Rs 2,00,000/- +12.36 % Service tax paid to Welfare Consultants Private Limited. No negotiation. 
  • Leads/ data center have to buy for pay day loan.
  • Only 10 centers required in INDIA. First come and first take.
  • Interested center can send their profile at ""
  • Payment 100% transparency proof is as attachment.

Video Watching Process_No termination, No quality check, Daily billing

Work                                      : - To View the Video
Plus point                            : - No termination, no quality check, daily billing
Type                                       : - Online                                              
TAT                                        : - LIFE TIME
Termination                        : - No Termination
Session’s                               :- Unlimited Sessions
Daily Work                           : - 1600 Link will be provided per day
Rate per View                      : - 0.75 INR (Max.)
Application Fee                   : - 25000 Per ID (No negotiation)
Minimum Seats                   : - 10
Video Time                           :- 52 Sec
One employee can handle 5 seats. For 10 seats you have to hire just 2 employees.
Payment Slab (Time slab (12:00 AM to 11.59 PM))
No           Views / Day                                         Earning Slab / View
1.             Up to 100 Views                                  0.05 INR
2.             101 To 400 Views                               0.20 INR
3.             401 to 800 Views                                0.35 INR
4.             800 and 1200 View                             0.55 INR
5.             1201 to 1440 Views                           0.75 INR
Terms and Condition:
Whenever you want to Withdraw then 50 Rs. would be deducted from the withdraw account. Amount will be directly deducted in your account just by one click. Sign up will be directly with welfare consultants private limited.  


NATURE OF WORK: ONLINE COPY AND PASTE WORK- In this work centre will get the links of web he have to copy and paste of excel.
SLOT: 80 Slots
PAYOUT TYPE: Via pay pal
PAYOUT: Centre will get the payment of every link 1 USD
PAYOUT MODE: Via pay pal 
CONTRACT: 1 year
Consultation charges – 2, 00,000/- +12.36 % ST
Process Charges: 18980/-
10% royalty from every month's billing till contract and also centre have to 50 usd per p.c
Quality criteria and payment:  If the centre achieves accuracy between 95% to 100%, they will be paid 100% of the total payout. 85%to94.9%= 80% of the total payout.80% to 84.9% = 79% of the total payout79% to 77.9%= 75% of the total payout.
 Please revert with the below mentioned details: *
1:- Company's profile
2:- Company's Letter of intent
3:- Company's registration copy
4:- 1photo
5:- Pan card copy
6:- Director's profile
7:- Current a/c details
8:- Office pictures

1. Photo Id and address proof
2. Pan card
3. 1 photo
4. PayPal account
5. C.V.

1. Send Company Profile & Give Confirmation to sign Slot.
2. Give Confirmation to sign project.
4. Sign Agreement with company online.
6. Pay slot booking In form of DD/account transfer to company.
7. Company will dispatch Hard copy of agreement
8. Get 3 days trial work for practice, till our technical support employee assist  you.
9. Start commercials.

Mortgage Excel Work Process

Mortgage Excel Work Process - Reference centers available with payment proof and BG

This is Mortgage Process, calculations has to be done to fill the records in excel sheet.
Number of seats required: Minimum 10
Work Load: 38700 forms have to be filled in 9 days by 10 systems only.
You can do 2 or 3 shift a day. For best way, you should run minimum 2 shifts. 
No of entries: - 10 per form
One Entry will take 1 to 1.5 min (approx)
Project Duration: 11 months
Payout: 61 per form
SLA Sign Up Place: - Bangalore
Minimum 60 % accuracy you have to achieve.
100-60 % Rs 61 per form.
Below 60 % no payment.
Commercial Details:
Vendor Charges------ Rs 1,00,000/- paid to vendor.
Consultancy Charges: Rs. 2,00,000 +12.36 % ST for 10 seats paid to Welfare Consultants, will be refunded after completing whole tenure of 11 months. MOU will be signed with Welfare Consultants Private Limited, either at online or onsite at Lucknow.  Reference Center details and payment proof will be disclosed only after signing MOU.

Key Feathers: -
1:- Reference centers are available with payment proof.
2:-If the QC is minimum 50%, Vendor charges will be refunded on 15th day from the live work started.
3:- Consultancy Charges will be refunded after completing whole tenure of 11 months 
4:- First see reference centers then does SLA sign up.
5:- Bank guarantee will be provided for secure your billing amount. Partner Bank in U.S. is "CITI Bank and J.P. Morgan" Bank Guarantee will be provided of Axis Bank in India.

Application are welcomed. Mail me at " or "" 

Telecom company Billing Back End Process with Advance Billing

Process Details is mention below:
Nature of Process: Offline (US based)
Work Nature: Telecom Company Billing Back End Process
Number of Forms: 30,000 per slot per month 
Number of Seats: 10
Number of Slots: 6 (First come First take) 
Quality Required: Minimum 90% for demo live both.
Payout: INR. 23 per form maximum
Payment Cycle: Submit work at every 7th days and you will get paid at 9th day.
Monthly Billing: 30,000 X INR. 23 = INR. 6, 90,000/-
Advance Billing: INR. , 6, 90,000 (1 months billing) after completing demo with completing minimum 90 % accuracy level. 
Accuracy Parameters: (For live work)
98-99.99% accuracy level: 23 INR per form
94-97.99% accuracy level: 18 INR per form
90-93.99% accuracy level: 12 INR per form
Below 93%: Rework available once only and has to achieve at least 98% in rework.
And less than 90% then no rework and contract gets terminated. And no further claims would be entertained.
The center needs to complete the demo work, and based on that Advance will be released. Demo work will be for 100- 200 pdf/tiff pages.
Duration of demo work- 3 days and advance after 3 working days from the day of data submission. 
Sign Up Charges: INR 1, 00,000/- + 12.36 % service tax per slot at the time of sign up.

E-mail Sending Process(Online)_Reference Center is available

Process details given below:
  • Nature Of work: - Online e mail sending 
  • Minimum Number of seats: - 10
  • Sign up with: - End client based at USA and sign will be at vendor’s office 
  • Reference Center is available.
Please read the calculation carefully.
10 agents X Rs. 12,000/- fixed = Rs. 1, 20,000/- fix
Incentive part:- $50 per 1000 extra mails
Minimum Target = 2000 mails per day/per agent

8 working hrs X 60 mins = 480 mins X 5 mails/min = 2400 total mails/day 
Easily can be done be a single agent. 

Center can set target 2500 e mails/day/agent
By this way extra per agent will do 500 extra mail /day
500 mails/agent/day X 10 agents = 5000 mails/day X 26 days = 130000 total extra mails.  

And "50$ for each extra 1000 emails" will be paid by client. 
 So 130000/1000 = 130 and 
130 X 50$ = 6500$ X Rs. 50 ($1 = Rs 50 appropriate) = Rs. 3,25,000/- extra

Earning: - Rs. 3, 25,00(extra) + Rs. 1,20,000 (fix) per month

Commercials Details:-
  • Consultancy charges: - Rs. 1,00,000+12.36 % ST (paid to welfare consultants private limited)
  • Vendor Charges: - Rs. 1, 50,000/- has to be paid at the time of sign up.

Insurance form filling process

This same process is also available for 10/20/30 systems.

PC Required: Minimum 5 Seats (Center can take 10/20/30...... and so on.)                                                                                                                       
Workload: 3000 records per Seat                                                    
Contract period: 11 Months                                                               
TAT: 20 days                
Monthly Billing: INR 2, 25,000/-                                                        
Rate per record: INR 15 per form     
QC Report: After Submission work within 7-10 days                                       
Payment: After QC Report within 2-3 days                                                       
PAY CHANNEL: Cheque or Bank Transfer                                                    
Upfront Charges: INR 75,000/- + 12.36 % service tax (Non-Refundable)                                  
10% Royalty at every billing.  
Software Charges + Training Charges Included.                                                 

Accuracy Parameters:
99.1% - 100%: 100% Payment                                                                        
97.1% - 99%: 75% Payment (Rework)                                                         
95.1% - 97%: 50% Payment (Rework)                                                          
90.1% - 95%: 20% Payment (No Rework)                                                  

Office / Residence Address Proof
Photo ID
Passport size Photo
Bank Details

Payment Security: - You will Post dated Cheque of your 50 % billing at time of main work taking. 

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