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General Fine Print Project

General Fine Print:
  • This is a US Banking Project.
  • Vendors would be working on US Portal which is re-directed from Clients portal.
  • There won't be any down time with regards to portal management.
  • Sign up would be done from Indian Vendor.
  • Payments made in 15 - 25 days from the day of Invoice. 
  • Invoice raised every 30 days which is a one-month complete cycle.
  • Center can start with 15 seats and would ramp up to 30 seats in 1 month duration.
  • Project can be started within 3 days from the documentations.
  • Training would be done online if requested offline at the center's  cost.
  • Daily reports would be generated from our end which will realise the entries made in CRM .
  • Earnings are not defined as it is a unlimited work.
  • Work timings would be ( 7:30pm - 4:30am IST ). Center can also work in the day with not more than 10 seats.
  • Training period would be for a week and then Go-Live will be assigned to center based on Quality and Quantity performance.
Payout matrix:

WCS ( Worst case Scenario )

Bill : Center would be paid Rs.10/- for every 1000 numeric entries made.

Example ( Billing Calculation )

Per Agent 

Candidates with 45 WPM 

1 word = 5 Characters nominal for alphabets and 6 Characters for Numerical

45WPM = 45*6 = 270 Characters 

270 Characters * 60 mins = 16200 Characters 

16200 Characters *  ( 8 Hours ) =   129600 Characters 

Matrix : 129600/1000 * 10 =  Rs. 1296/- Per day per Agent 

Total Working days : 26

Grand Total : 26*1296 = Rs. 32400/-

Grand Total for 20 seats = 32400 *20 = Rs.648000 /-

 Consultancy : Rs 2,00,000 + ST

Medical Insurance Claim Process

Name: Medical Insurance Claim Process
PC Required: Minimum 5 Seats
(Center can take 10/20/30...... and so on.)                                     
Workload: 4000 records per Seat                                                    
Contract period: 11 Months                                                               
TAT: 20 days                                                      
Rate per record: INR 25 per form     
QC Report: After Submission work within 7-10 days                                       
Payment: After QC Report within 2-3 days                                                       
PAY CHANNEL: Cheque or Bank Transfer                                                    
Upfront Charges: INR 10,000 + 15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess). Have to pay to welfare consultant at time of SLA sign up
Software Charges + Training Charges Included.                                               

Accuracy Parameters:

99.1% - 100%: 100% Payment
97.1% - 99%: 75% Payment (Rework)                                                         
95.1% - 97%: 50% Payment (Rework)                                                          
90.1% - 95%: 20% Payment (No Rework)
Office / Residence Address Proof
Photo ID
Passport size Photo
Bank Details
Payment Security: - You will get a conditional "Post-dated Cheque" of your 50 % billing at the time of SLA.

Copy Paste Data Mining Work Lead Generation Fixed Payout Weekly

Process Name: Lead Generation via Data Mining (Copy Paste)
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Industry: Real Estate
Uniqueness: Fix payout, copy paste
Criteria: Minimum 500 leads per day/Only valid lead will be paid/online real time data uploading need to do.
Payout: Weekly
Data Submission: Real time/daily
Work timing: 9 AM to 6 PM, 7 days a week.
Nature of work: Online Lead Generation for a real estate company 
Basic requirement: 50 SIM card with maximum 10 Rs talk value and 50 Gmail IDs (have to share it)
Employee must be comfortable with internet and surfing
Payment: Rs 5 per valid and unique lead
Number of fields: 21 (copy paste)
Valid: Means lead with all needful details/Unique: Means no duplicates

Security deposit: Rs. 50,000 (refundable after project completing) + training cost as per expenses. Have to pay to Welfare Consultants at the time of SLA.
Consultancy : INR 50,000 +15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess) Have to pay to Welfare Consultants at the time of SLA.

Pay Day Loan Process Direct With USA based End Client No Q.C. and No Minimum Target No Termination

Name of Process: Payday Loan Form Filling Process _Online Process

  • Direct sign up with US-based end client, No any Indian Vendor or mediator as well.
  • Payment Proof is available and 100% transparency in the process. 
  • The end client specializes in financial products, specifically US, UK, CA, RU Payday Loans, USA, UK Installment Loans, US Auto Title, US Mortgage and most recently, US Solar.
  • No Q.C. and No Minimum Target 
  • 10 Agents minimum required for this campaign.
  • Filling forms in Client's Website. Do Copy paste, use any Software to fill forms or do anything but just fill forms.
  • Payout: $.4 to $6 per approved /sold lead. Payment Cycle: Twice Monthly.
  • Note No QC, No Accuracy Parameters nothing, so work with no tension and get paid for on time.
  • Consultancy charges: - Rs 2,00,000/- 15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess)  Service tax paid to Welfare Consultants Private Limited. No negotiation. Have to pay to Welfare Consultants at MOU sign up. 
  • Leads/ data center have to buy for the payday loan.
  • Only 10 centers required in INDIA. First, come and first take.
  • Interested center can send their profile at ""
  • Payment 100% transparency proof is as an attachment.

US Telecom Form Filling Training with Training Video

Process Details is mention below:
Nature of Process: Offline (US based)
Work Nature: Telecom Company Billing Back End Process
Number of Forms: 30,000 per slot per month 
Number of Seats: 10
Number of Slots: 6 (First come First take) 
Quality Required: Minimum 90% for demo live both.
Payout: INR. 23 per form maximum
Payment Cycle: Monthly
Monthly Billing: 30,000 X INR. 23 = INR. 6, 90,000/-
Advance Billing: INR. , 6, 90,000 (1 months billing) after completing demo with completing minimum 90 % accuracy level. 
Accuracy Parameters: (For live work)
98-99.99% accuracy level: 23 INR per form
94-97.99% accuracy level: 18 INR per form
90-93.99% accuracy level: 12 INR per form
Below 93%: Rework available once only and has to achieve at least 98% in rework.
And less than 90% then no rework and contract gets terminated. And no further claims would be entertained.
The center needs to complete the demo work, and based on that Advance will be released. Demo work will be for 100- 200 pdf/tiff pages.
Duration of demo work- 3 days and advance after 3 working days from the day of data submission. 

Sign Up Charges: INR 1, 00,000/- 15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess)  per slot at the time of sign up. Have to pay to Welfare Consultants at the time of SLA 

Mortgage Excel Work Process

Mortgage Excel Work Process - Reference centers available with payment proof and BG
This is Mortgage Process, calculations has to be done to fill the records in excel sheet.
Number of seats required: Minimum 10
Work Load: 38700 forms have to be filled in 9 days by 10 systems only.
You can do 2 or 3 shift a day. For best way, you should run minimum 2 shifts. 
No of entries: - 10 per form
One Entry will take 1 to 1.5 min (approx)
Project Duration: 11 months
Payout: 61 per form
SLA Sign Up Place: - Bangalore
Minimum 60 % accuracy you have to achieve.
100-60 % Rs 61 per form.
Below 60 % no payment.
Application are welcomed. Mail me at " or ""
Commercial Details:
Vendor Charges------ Rs 1,00,000/- paid to vendor including all taxes Have to pay to Vendor at the time of SLA
Consultancy Charges: Rs. 2,00,000 +15.0% Service Tax ( 14% Service tax+0.50 % Swachh Bharat Cess+0.50% Krishi Kalyan Cess)  for 10 seats paid to Welfare Consultants, will be refunded after completing whole tenure of 11 months. MOU will be signed with Welfare Consultants Private Limited, either at online or onsite at Lucknow.  Reference Center details and payment proof will be disclosed only after signing MOU.

Key Feathers: -
1:- Reference centers are available with payment proof.
2:-If the QC is minimum 50%, Vendor charges will be refunded on 15th day from the live work started.
3:- Consultancy Charges will be refunded after completing whole tenure of 11 months 
4:- First see reference centers then does SLA sign up.
5:- Bank guarantee will be provided for secure your billing amount. Partner Bank in U.S. is "CITI Bank and J.P. Morgan" Bank Guarantee will be provided of Axis Bank in India.

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